Hello Parents/Carers! 
The Year 5 team are back in school Monday, so we will not be as readily available to assist you and answer your emails/dojo messages. I intend to look at all emails and dojo messages around 3:15 everyday. We appreciate your patience in advance! 
Please continue to send in pictures of your children's work and enjoy the beautiful weather. :) 
Please let me know if you need a code to get access to Dojo! This is the best, most direct way to contact me. 

Books to read for AR: 

Link to take AR quiz:

Reward: A quiz taken - 5 dojos

A result of 80% or more - 3 dojos


  • Maths/English completed - 3 dojos
  • Art completed – 2 dojos
  • Stem completed – 2 dojos
  • Asking the teacher a question about work – 2 dojos
  • PE activity completed (whether you suggested it or not) – 5 dojos
  • Evidence of team work with family (so either photographs of working together on academic tasks, physical activity, board game, cooking/baking etc, not computer games) – 5 dojos
  • Organized work – 2 dojos


Additional Support:

Prodigy game is an online maths resource that allows you to sign up free as a parent. The maths games are curriculum based and personalized as they analyse your child’s strengths and weaknesses through play.


Recommended Schedule of Learning



9 AM Joe Wicks Programme      

11 AM  David Walliams Story Time

Practice spelling at  Spelling Frame

Daily reading of 20 minutes

Tackling Tables


Orange tasks for for any children who work with Ms Cawley


Feel free to email with any questions that you may have about the provided work. 
Answers for the week will be sent out on Friday's at 12:00 for the children to edit and review their work. All work will stay up on the website until Sunday evening.