Travel to Tokyo

House competition 29th June - 17th July

Unfortunately this summer, the Tokyo Olympic Games cannot take place due to recent events. However, your children can still get involved as we take part in the ‘Travel to Tokyo - Team GB’ scheme. The aim of the scheme is to help young people get physically active again. To aid this, we are beginning a house competition on the ‘Get Set’ website, where you and your child can log their activity throughout the week to help their team achieve the most active minutes. This can include anything from a brisk 10 minute walk to the shops or playing football in your back garden. The website also includes lots of fantastic games and activities you can take part in too!

For more information please see the newsletter below:

Logging your progress
To start logging your activity please follow the link below and follow the instructions:
  1. Open the webpage up on your computer, smartphone or tablet and select ‘travel to Tokyo’.
  2. Select ‘families’ and then choose the ‘log activity’ option below.
  3. Enter the school postcode (PE13 3NP) to select our school. Then select your child’s house team (If you are unsure of your child’s house, then please contact your child’s teacher).
  4. Complete the short log of the activity that your child/family have taken part in.
School staff will be competing too as the 'School team' so you can keep an eye on the teachers progress too!!
Fun games for your family to compete in at home from the Tokyo ten challenges can also be found at: 
(I highly recommend duster dash!)
Good luck everybody! Prizes and winners will be announced shortly after the competition has ended.