School House System

Orchards C of E Academy House System
At the start of the year, we introduced a House system in order to embed a sense of community and team spirit at Orchards. All students and staff were placed in a House which was linked to one of our schools core values, Respect, Ambition, Perseverance, and Responsibility.
In order to add depth to this, we decided to name each House after a global location that represents the core value we wanted to highlight.
Respect: Uluru House
Named after Uluru in Australia. Once known as Ayers Rock, this sacred site was given back to its indigenous people out of respect for their culture and territories.
The House colour is Red.
Ambition: Everest House
Named after the Highest Mountain in the world. People plan for years to scale this mountain and achieve this ambition, which takes discipline and strength. 
The House colour is Blue.
Perseverance: Giza House
Named after the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, which on average took 20 years to build. These pyramids were the work of thousands who worked tirelessly to achieve this incredible goal.
The House colour is Yellow.
Responsibility: Borneo House
Named after an island in South East Asia which is famed for its rain forests. These rain forests are just as important as any other on the planet and it is our responsibility to protect the incredible biodiversity of this area.
The House Colour is Green.
House Leader Board
Position House
1st Borneo
2nd Uluru
3rd Everest
4th Giza
House Competition
Every week, to keep that sense of community and team alive, we will be posting a new House competition.
Enter the competition by emailing a document from your computer or a photo of your entry to Mrs Newell


Not sure of your child House, please contact their class teacher.