Robin babies

20th May 2020

Mrs Johnson was outside and could hear a strange noise coming from some wellies and outdoor shoes outside her back door. After she investigated, she found a nest inside an old pair of her son’s cricket shoes. Inside the nest, she could see some eyes staring back at her and a beak. A small robin was frantically flying round in an unusual manner close by.

Mrs Johnson hid behind her wheelie bin and watched as mummy robin fed her babies. After Mummy Robin had left, Mrs Johnson looked inside the shoe and found 5 or 6 baby robins. Mrs Johnson took a photo and wanted to share the pictures with all of you.

Check the video. Can you spot something hiding among the dry leaves?
Can You See Me Now?
Some animals play hide and seek all the time, and it helps them to survive.
'Ready or not, here I come!'. Do you like to play hide and seek? Any good hide and seek player knows that the key to winning is to blend in with his surroundings, so the seeker cannot find him. For some animals, hiding is more than just a game - it's a means for their survival.

Camouflage is when animals blend in with their surroundings so they are not seen by other living things. There are many different ways an animal can camouflage itself.  

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