Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is a subject designed to support children in their development in being a thoughtful and considerate person. Our PSHE lessons happen once a week and usually revolve around a question, or scenario that is discussed as a whole class intended to make children think about the world around them. All of our lessons are age appropriate and care and consideration is put into how we present information.


A small part of PSHE is called Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). This part of learning is about what a positive friendship looks like, what families are like and how to solve problems within friendships. It does also include how we change and grow up over our lives and for our oldest children, the changes they go through in puberty and intimate relationships. You can see the RSE parts of the curriculum on the overview because they are coloured Green (for statutory teaching, the Government tells us must be in lessons) and (In Blue is the non-statutory teaching, the Government lets school decide who and when will learn this).

An Overview of Our Curriculum is here for your information. 
This our our School Polices around PSHE and RSE for your information.