New Reception Intake September 2020

Welcome to Reception! 
Circumstances are currently very different to how they usually would be, but we hope that this page provides you with lots of useful information about your child starting in Reception. 
We hope to be able to meet you properly very soon. 
Mrs Leanne Codd - Apple class teacher
Miss Katie Crawley - Cherry class teacher
Mrs Clare Rowell - Peach class teacher
If you have any questions, you can contact the school office who will make sure that a member of the Reception team contact you. Or, you can email 
You can also search for 'Early Years at Orchards' on facebook, so that you can follow what exciting things we get up to and keep up to date with important information. 
We are so excited to meet you all! 
Here are welcome messages from some of the Reception staff members. 
Welcome message from Mrs Rowell.
Welcome message from Miss Crawley.
Welcome message from Mrs Codd.
This is Miss Ball. She is a teaching assistant in Cherry class! 
This is Miss Taylor. She is a teaching assistant in Cherry class! 
This is Mrs Bonnett. She is a teaching assistant in Apple class! 
This is Mrs Hallam. She is a teaching assistant in Apple class! 
Mrs Hadlow is a teaching assistant in Peach class! 
In Reception, we use Tapestry to record the children's learning journey. We use Tapestry regularly to make observations of the children's learning and we encourage parents to engage with this. It is an online learning journal which can be added to both at school and at home. We will require your email address so that we can invite you to join Tapestry and you will then receive an email containing a link to Tapestry and information about how to access your account. 
Also attached is a document to help you navigate the website and make observations. 
In reception, we will have a dough disco every day!
Do you want to make your own playdough? 
Here is a recipe that Mrs Rowell would like to share with you.
- 1 cup plain flour
- 1 cup salt
- 2 heaped teaspoons cream of tartar
- 1 tbsp vegetable oil
- 1 cup of water
- Food colouring 
Place everything in a pan and continuously stir as it's cooking. It will start to combine and make a lovely playdough! You can always double the quantity to make more! 
We LOVE reading stories! In Reception, we will have a story time every day. We also learn our phonics sounds by listening to different stories. 
Here are some story reading videos! 
Here are some pictures of areas that our classroom will have. They may not look exactly the same when you start, but each classroom has a writing area, a maths area, a construction area, a reading corner and other areas of the classroom to explore!