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Happy Monday! | Domestika
Happy Happy Everybody, 
Welcome to Week 3. I am hoping for better weather - well at least dry - to be able to get back to my daily walk. Also to see if I can see the squirrel again. It is the little things that are helping me through this lockdown. I hope you are all finding your little things as well. 
Miss Burrows
5 Things to Know about Microsoft Teams Video Chat & Meetings - Capitol  PresenceP.S.
Remember that later this week we will be testing Microsoft Teams together to hopefully get ready to move our Home Learning to this new platform. 
YEAR 1/2 HOME LEARNING | Fell Dyke Primary School 
It's our 3rd week. 
Week Beginning Monday 18th January 2021. 
The work for this week will be uploaded here under the different sections. 
(If you need last week's home learning for English or Maths, scroll down to the bottom of the page) 
Look out for your child's name to make sure you have the right work for them. 
 ClassDojo  If you need anything, or to ask questions I will be available on Dojo all day. 
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For Phonics and Spelling, 
In the daily worksheets for your child, there is a video link for most days to watch to practice this weeks sound. 
In response to some families saying they are finding some of the activities hard to do on a phone, I have included online games and activities that can be used in replace of 1 of the daily activities. 
If you have a laptop, or computer, your child can use the laptop/computer to write on the document or use the arrow tool (Insert --> Shapes --> arrow) to draw lines on the document. 
Timur, Frank, Gabija, Arnas, Alex, Zyllynn, Jay-J, Marytna, Amy, Deina and Vinny
Danill, Nicolau, Rebecca, Gabriele and Kinga 
words that end
->sure and ->ture
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Frank and Timur
This week your book is called: Cat Naps
Deina, Gabija, Arnas, Alex, Zyllynn, Jay-J, Martyna, Amy and Vinny
This week your book is called: The Seven Kids
Nicolau and Kinga
This week your book is called: Hero
Rebecca and Gabriele
This week your book is called: What's That Building
Daniil and Amber
This week your book is called: The Wrymstooth Crown
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 Zyllynn, Gabija, Martyna, Jay-J and Timur 
 Monday - counting backwards. 
 Arnas, Alex, Deina, Amy, Frank, Rebecca, Gabriele, Nicolau, Daniil, Vinny, Kinga and Amber
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We have PE sessions twice a week. 
This week you have 3 choices: Joe Wicks, Dance or Fitness. 
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This week our story comes from Storytime with Miss Jeannie on YouTube. 
She has been reading whole, longer books in parts. Like we do in school when we listened to The Hodgeheg, Flat Stanley or The Guard Dog in bits in the morning. 
This week we will be listening to Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl.
Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake | Waterstones
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Zyllynn, Gabija, Martyna, Jay-J and Timur 
Monday - tens and ones in teen numbers. 
Tuesday - Find 1 more and 1 less
Wednesday - Counting backwards from 20. 
Thursday - comparing objects to say which is most or least
Arnas, Alex, Deina, Amy, Frank, Rebecca, Gabriele, Nicolau, Daniil, Vinny, Kinga and Amber
Monday - Add and Subtract with 10s 
Tuesday - Beginning to add with column method
Wednesday - Adding tens in column method. 
Thursday  - adding tens and ones using column method
English Display Banner (SB2636) - SparkleBox
Monday - Writing Did You Know Facts
Tuesday - Alphabetical Order
Wednesday - Using the conjunction so in sentences. 
 Monday - Subtracting in columns -> taking away ones. 
Thursday - using the conjunction but to show a difference