Mental Health

At Orchards we believe that good mental health is vital! On this page you will find links to additional support and resources that are available. 
The NHS have put together a list of Apps for metal health that they recommend, many of these are also free. To see this list   CLICK HERE
The Mental Health Foundation have information about mental health conditions and further help that is available    CLICK HERE
 GoNoodle have a range of videos designed to promote movement and mindfulness! To access these   CLICK HERE
YOUnited have now replaced the support offered by CHUMS. YOUnited is an umbrella agency that offers advice and signposting to relevant services. If you feel your child needs some support with their mental health then please ask the SENDCO for more information. 
Please ask SENDCO for more information. Additional GPs can also refer your child to the service.
Emotional health and wellbeing team   ( EHWT)
The EHWT offer services through school to support your children with their mental health difficulties. The support includes: parent support groups, parenting programmes, advice for school, advice for parents, cognitive behavioural therapy; and referrals on to CAMH if needed. Please speak to the SENDCo if you would like more information.
Rock steady
Our school are now offering children the opportunity to take part in a Rocksteady group.
Rocksteady are on a mission is to empower as many children as possible and transform their lives through music. Offering in-school band lessons for children aged 4-11 years old, our inclusive and progressive way of teaching music improves children's confidence, wellbeing and life skills.