Free School Meals Application Information

12th March 2019
If you believe that your child is eligible to receive Free School Meals, please visit the following website:
If you are eligible for free school meals on 31 March 2018, you will receive free school meals until March 2022, regardless of any change in your circumstances while the Department for Education (DfE) rolls out Universal Credits. There is no need for you to re-apply during this time, even if your child moves schools within Cambridgeshire.
Children who are already on FSM at their infant or primary school will automatically keep their FSM entitlement when moving to Year 3 or Year 7 – parents do not need to reapply as the EWB team automatically transfers their current claim to the new school they are starting in September (unless this is outside of Cambridgeshire in which case parents need to apply to the relevant local council).