REMINDER: Children's attendance should be 100%. Any holidays or unathorised absences taken during school term time may result in a penalty notice being issued (per parent, per child).

"There is a clear link between poor attendance at school and academic acheivement… [children] have little chance of catching up their peers if their attendance is bad." (Department for Education. Improving Attendance at school. Crown 2012)

At Orchards we value education and the right for every child to be educated. At the heart of this is regular attendance. We reinforce to children that "We come to school to learn," and that "if we aren't at school, we aren't learning." Being at school every day is very important so that children don't miss out on valuable learning time.

The only reasons to be absent from school should be due to illness or exceptional circumstances. No holidays will be authorised in term time under any circumstances.

Our attendance policy and procedures are in line with Local Authority policy.