Year Six

  • Dr Damien Homden

    Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 Class Teacher

  • Mrs Karen Eyers

    Year 6 Class Teacher and Outdoor Learning Education Leader

  • Miss Ellen Burrows

    Year 6 Class Teacher and English Writing Leader

  • Mr Edward Redmile

    Year 6 Class Teacher and Pixl Ks2 Leader

  • Miss Meagan Riches

    Teacher Trainiee

    Miss Riches will be joining Ash Class in November, December, February and March to train to be a teacher.

Support staff:
Mrs Vaida Kuvikiene, Mr Tom Ramsey, Mrs Debby Webb and Mr Richard Allen.
Ash Class investigating place value to 10,000,000. 
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PE for Year 6 will be Monday and Thursday. Remember your PE Kits.
Ash Class meeting for the first time on Moving Up Morning. We challenged ourselves to work as a team to build the tallest towers. How successful do you think we were?
 Year 6 had their annual Reading Afternoon where families are invited in to take part in an activity connected to their current book. (Unsurprisingly, there was some reading also involved.) 
Our current book is Street Child therefore, Ash Class had very a very successful afternoon making famous London landmarks that were present in both Victorian and Modern London.  Image result for street child berlie doherty
Here we are remembering how to make a complete circuit in our Science lessons. By the end, we were all successful with lights, buzzers and motors all being powered within circuits. Many of us even controlled our circuits with a switch. 
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Sats Booster Groups - We will be inviting children from Year 6 to join us before school for booster groups. Look out for the invitation letters!