• Lelsey Goodes

    Nursery Manager

Support staff:
Alice Trundle, Karen Cochrane, Pam Hadlow, Abbie Helsdon, Kelly Cole

This half term our topic is: To Infinity and Beyond

We will be discussing:

  • Different toys both old and new
  • Celebrations throughout Autumn and Winter

These are some of the things we will be learning about:

Prime Area: Personal, Social and Emotional development (PSED)

  • Learning to be independent and leave carer.
  • Learning to share and take part in activities, waiting for our turn. Learn the rules and routines of school. Snack – Learning manners.Circle time: Sharing, taking turns, choosing own resources for best outcome, asking for help when needed, organising activities, showing concern (empathy), being aware of their own feelings as well as others feelings. Playing group games
  • Toy hospital, toy shop

Prime Area: Physical Development (PD)

  • Scissors, pencils, paintbrushes, Bikes, trikes, skipping ropes, hoops, Cutting, sticking, mud kitchen area, Tents/dens outdoors, sand & water (indoors/outdoors), Moving in different ways – under, over, fast, slow, keeping warm. Showing good control in large and small scale movements, negotiating space, using tools effectively
  • Junk modelling,
  • good health, healthy diet, taking care of ourselves
  • Toy hide and seek

Prime Area: Communication and Language (CL)

  • Introduce vocabulary related to toys and celebrations
  • Books to share: Toy Story, stories about celebrations, leaf man, stick man, autumn/winter stories and information books
  • Feely bag of toys: can children describe the toys to the rest of the group.   Encourage use of extended vocabulary – what does it feel like? Smooth, bumpy, spiky etc, children using descriptive language in all areas of play
  • Role play, making friendships, extending technical language, listening and responding appropriately, following instructions, answering how and why questions appropriately showing awareness of listeners, using past and present tenses when speaking, developing their own narratives
  • Sharing our favourite toy, talking about it with friends, talking about looking after toys in nursery

Specific Area: Literacy (L)

  • Use writing for different purposes, post office
  • Mark making patterns, Labelling, writing instructions, phonics sessions with PH
  • Create a story telling chair with the children – this can then be used for them to tell their friends stories.

Specific Area: Mathematics (M)

  • Counting, ordering and recognising numbers, Using practical activities to recognise and order numbers, Sequencing patterns/colours, sorting, More/less – who has more/less, most/fewest, Shape – having an awareness of 2D & 3D shape,
  • Colour and patterns – painintg/printing
  • Using fingers and objects to count
  • Counting snack
  • Number sessions with LG

Specific Area: Understanding the World (UW)

  • Selecting appropriate technology to use for a purpose eg computer
  • talking about their own lives/family members,
  • seasons, changes, celebrations, bonfire night
  • investigating water – piping, looking at things closely

Specific Area: Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

  • Music: using different things to make and change sounds eg pots, pans, instruments. Charanga
  • Paintings/drawings/chalk/wax relief , Observational drawings/paintings
  • Singing songs and making music/dance – experimenting, using tools safely, colour, design, texture