Year Five

  • Mr Edward Redmile

    Year 5 teacher and History coordinator

  • Mrs Sophie Ackah

    Year 5 teacher and Geography coordinator

  • Miss Erica Johnson

    Year 5 teacher

  • Support Staff:
    Mrs Vaida Kuvikiene, Mrs Wendy Oldman, Mrs Tracey Moore and Mrs Paula Herman

Our topic this half-term is 'Animals and their habitats'.  We will be looking at different habitats and the animals that live there, how they adapt to their habitats and the future of habitats with the increasing threat of deforestation and global warming.  We are also lucky to have a workshop coming in called 'Rainy Rainforest', which will give us a clear understanding of the importance of the rainforests to life on earth.
Your child's PE kit needs to be in brought into school every Monday and taken home on Friday to be washed.  They will take part in two PE lesson during the week.
Here are the year 5 spelling words for the Spelling Bee competition.  They will be tested on 25th January!
Year 5 spelling words- the next round of the Spelling Bee is on 25th February 2019!