Hello everyone, 

I hope everyone is safe and well. Again, the sunny weather is back which means I've spent more time sitting in front of open windows. 

The next two weeks are our Easter Half Term Break. Which means that we won't be putting up new learning on the website, as you wouldn't normally be at school. New Learning will be put up for Monday 20th April. 

I will leave everything so far on the website, as I know some of you said you hadn't finished yet. Remember, there is a 'General Learning' Section at the bottom of the page if you want something to do. Also, links to website for things to do as well. 

I am still available through Dojo and the email address (see the bottom of the page) if you want to ask any questions, say hello, or send any pictures of work. Remember, sending evidence of your learning gains you Dojos! Mrs Newell is updating the website weekly with the house with the most Dojo winners. 

Finally, I don't have any Easter Eggs in my house, but I do have chocolate biscuits. So, I hope you have a lovely 2 weeks. 

Miss Burrows 


Schedule of learning for the week 

As the next 2 weeks were going to be the Easter Half Term Break, we will not be updating the website with new work for those 2 weeks. 

New Learning will be put up for Monday 20th April.

Everyday try to do these 2 things:

Exercise - PE With Joe through the Youtube Link. He goes live at 9am, but you can watch and do this at anypoint of the day. Everyone in the family can join in, from the youngest to the oldest :)  

Reading - David Walliams in reading to us everyday with a short story. They are fantastic! You can listen to them online through the link below. 

Friday 27th March

Monday 30th March

Science - Plastics activities from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Learning. There is also a Starters for STEM page with links to other activities if you would prefer to do any of those instead. Please email any work you complete, or photos of you in action!

PSHE – Watch the Live Picture News Assembly - It will be on the school website - look for the 'Virtual Assembly' Tab. 

Using ideas from the Live Picture News broadcast as well as your own, create a poster to display in your window about how to remain positive in these difficult times. It will need to be eye catching; give people positive advice and leave the reading feeling happy.

Tuesday 31st March
Guided Reading – The Railway Children. Read the text, can you tell and adult what it is about? Discuss / look up tricky vocabulary.
Maths - 
Mr Redmile/Mrs Eyers & Dr Homden's Group - Mean Average 
Miss Burrows Group - Starting to recap our decimals knowledge. 
English - Diary entry. Audience – you. Purpose – to entertain. Lots has happened over these past few weeks – Can you write a powerful diary entry which includes the relevant information about the Coronavirus but also leaves the reader full of emotion....despair or a never-give-up attitude. It’s your choice!
Mr Redmiles, Mrs Eyes & Dr. Homden's Maths Group Resources:
Miss Burrows Maths Group Resources:
Wednesday 1st April
Guided Reading – The Railway Children. Set A Questions 
Maths - 
Mr Redmile/Mrs Eyers & Dr Homden's Group - Volume of a Cuboid. 
Miss Burrows Group - Tenths as Decimals. 
English - Watch the prime minister’s speech to the nation (the link is below) 

Imagine that you were the prime minister. Can you write a speech to the nation to tell them that the country is going into lockdown?

Audience – the general public Purpose – to inform them of lockdown and explain why it is necessary. You are the prime minister so your best formal language please.

Mr Redmiles, Mrs Eyers & Dr. Homden's Maths Group Resources:
Miss Burrows Maths Group Resources:
Thursday 2nd April
Topic/Geography – Create your own sketch map of your house and garden. Have a look at the example and think about the work you completed in our outdoor learning session. Have you included a key? Symbols?
Computing - Using TinkerCad (link below for your class login page. Remember your 'nickname' for logging in is your first name with no capitals. Chloe's you both need to put the first letter of your surname as well)
Can you finish your house design? What about adding a garden, or something else outside?
Friday 3rd April
Guided Reading – The Railway Children. Set B Questions 
Maths - 
Mr Redmile/Mrs Eyers & Dr Homden's Group - Arithmetic 
Miss Burrows Group - Tenths on a Place Value Grid
English - Create a poster about how to avoid catching Coronavirus. Audience – general public. Purpose to inform
Mr Redmiles, Mrs Eyers & Dr. Homden's Maths Group Resources:
Miss Burrows Maths Group Resources:

Accelerated Reader - You can even do your AR tests at home (find the link to Orchards section of the AR website below.) AR has over 35,000 book quizzes. So, why not try to see if you can take a quiz on one of the books you have at home?

The resources are in either .pdf or .word documents. 
You can use your exercise book that we sent home to write the answers in.
If you are working on a laptop, or computer, you can type answers on a word document. 
You could even use the snipping tool to copy the .pdf resources onto a word document to have the questions and answers on the same document. 
General Resources / Activity Packs
We are still handing out Dojos for learning. Each task/lesson you do and tell me about, I give you a dojo. 
Maths/English completed - 3 dojos
Art completed – 2 dojos
Stem (Science, technology, engineering, maths activity) completed – 2 dojos
Asking the teacher a question about work – 2 dojos
PE activity completed (whether suggested by the teacher or not) – 5 dojos
Evidence of team work with family (so either photographs of working together on academic tasks, physical activity, board game, cooking/baking etc., not computer games) – 5 dojos
Taking an AR test - 5 dojos. 
Passing the AR test at 80% of higher - an extra 3 dojos! 
More ways to collect DOJOS will be added when all of us think of different ways to do so. 
Happy collecting!
Email your teacher:
You can also message and chat to Miss Burrows through Class Dojo.
You can ask me questions you have about work. 
Send me the work you have completed - ask your adults at home how to upload a file, or photo (that you can take on your phone) as an attachment.