Thank you to all parents who have been emailing or messaging on Dojo! 
If you have an urgent question, please message me on Dojo as I will receive the notification for it much quicker. :) 
Work is to be completed in the books that were sent home. It is not the expectation that the work be printed, however it should be neat and organized in the workbooks.
If your child has access to a computer, they are more than welcome to put their work onto a word document. This can be sent by email for any feedback, if you chose to do so please ensure that there is a name on the document with the child's first initial and last name. For example: E. Johnson 
These documents will only be seen by the Year 5 team. They will not be shared or duplicated. 
Please refer to the Maths Support document in helping your child's learning. The Year 5 team are available to talk and assist during school hours. We are happy to support you in your child's home learning, so please ask us any questions. 
The schedule seen is not fixed, just a recommendation on how to spread out the learning time during the week. The work may fluctuate depending on pre-existing academic needs of the children assessed earlier in the term. 
Stay healthy and safe in these uncertain times. 

Books to read for AR: 

Link to take AR quiz:

Reward: A quiz taken - 5 dojos

A result of 80% or more - 3 dojos


  • Maths/English completed - 3 dojos
  • Art completed – 2 dojos
  • Stem completed – 2 dojos
  • Asking the teacher a question about work – 2 dojos
  • PE activity completed (whether you suggested it or not) – 5 dojos
  • Evidence of team work with family (so either photographs of working together on academic tasks, physical activity, board game, cooking/baking etc, not computer games) – 5 dojos
  • Organized work – 2 dojos


Additional Support:

Prodigy game is an online maths resource that allows you to sign up free as a parent. The maths games are curriculum based and personalized as they analyse your child’s strengths and weaknesses through play.


Recommended Schedule of Learning



9 AM Joe Wicks Programme      

11 AM  David Walliams Story Time

Practice spelling at  Spelling Frame

Daily reading of 20 minutes

Tackling Tables



Orange tasks for for any children who work with Ms Cawley



English - Read the poem Humpty Dumpty- the Truth, complete the sheet to show key features

Read Humpty Dumpty- the truth and story map it 

Guided Reading - "The Explorer"

"Peter Rabbit"

Maths - Identifying percentages as fractions and decimals

Number bonds challenge sheet

STEM/Art - Design your own color-by-number of a rain forest scene 



English - Choose your own nursery rhyme to recreate and story map it

Suggestions- Very Ugly Duckling who dies his hair white to look like a swan, The Owl and The Pussycat who sail to a deserted island, Incy Wincy Spider who climbed up the water spout and stole expensive jewelry from someone’s house

Draw a picture to show Humpty Dumpty as he is represented in this poem

Guided Reading - "The Explorer"

"Peter Rabbit"

Maths - Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages

Missing number 20 sheet 

STEM/Art - Typing Club



English - Plan your poem thinking about rhyming words to include, figurative language, rhyming pattern

Read the story of The Very Ugly Duckling and story map it

Guided Reading - "The Explorer"

"Peter Rabbit"

Maths - Compare and order fractions with different denominators

Addition within 50 sheet

STEM/Art - Recognize and explain changes in materials  



English - Write your poem

Rewrite the story of the very ugly duckling using the sheet to help you, changing the ending to show that the duckling dyed his hair white to fit in with the other birds 

Guided Reading - "The Explorer"

"Peter Rabbit"

Maths - Multiplication and division word problems

Missing numbers to 100 sheet

P.E. 10 dojo challenge: Create your own 5-minute workout and get your family to do it with you     OR     Yoga



English - Edit and redraft to look neat; add illustrations

Draw a picture to illustrate your story

Guided Reading - "The Explorer"

"Peter Rabbit"

Maths - Addition and subtraction word problems

Number bonds to 100 sheet

STEM/Art - 7 dojo challenge: Working with your family, find a way to create an irreversible change. (Hint: the kitchen is a great place to start!)



There will be no work posted over the Easter Holidays. 
Home learning will resume on April 20th.