Email your teacher:
Please include the name of your child in the email or contact your teacher via the dojo app.
Who will get the post points this week and be star of the week?
From now on the pointing system is... 
Maths/English completed - 3 dojos
Art completed – 2 dojos
Stem (Science, technology, engineering, maths activity) completed – 2 dojos
Asking the teacher a question about work – 2 dojos
PE activity completed (whether suggested by the teacher or not) – 5 dojos
Evidence of team work with family (so either photographs of working together on academic tasks, physical activity, board game, cooking/baking etc., not computer games) – 5 dojos
More ways to collect DOJOS will be added when all of us think of different ways to do so. 
Happy collecting!
Please send me lots of photos of you keeping busy with homework, DIY, cleaning or playing games. I will then share them on the website. 
Mrs Redmile's Spelling group. 
Above is a PowerPoint of the Year Common Exception Words (words that the children should be able to read and spell at the end of Year 2). The words of the week are; Monday-prove, Tuesday- Improve, Wednesday- new, Thursday- hour, Friday- everybody.
The children are very use to the structure of this lesson. They write the word of the day, find what type of word it is (noun, verb, adjective) , then they write a range of sentences types (questions, statements, commands, exclamations) with the word of the day in the sentence...spelling it correctly. 
Here you will find English resources, try to complete one activity each day. We would like you like you to write a diary each day, keep this safe and bring in it to school when you return or send me your diary entries on Dojo daily. We would love to know what you have been up to! 
Power Maths- just like normal! You will find the power point for each lesson and the textbook questions- it's on a word document. Use your exercise book to write your answers (note the question number next to your answer.)
Maths lessons will be updated weekly, if you have any problems email me!
Enjoy :)