School Council

We are pleased to announce that the new School’s Council for this year has been set up.

The aim of School’s Council is to enable the pupils of our School to have a ‘pupil voice.’ This means that when important decisions are being made about our School, they will be able to speak on behalf of the pupils. For example: they may be asked to assist with interviewing of new staff; changes in the way play-times are organised and other issues relating to the school.

It is very important that we ask our children’s opinions on many issues because it will help them to understand how things work, how decisions are made and how to work co-operatively.
  • Akvile

    School Captian

    I am very proud to be School Captain and I enjoy wearing my bright, red badge. I feel quite responsible and know that I will try my best to make this school a clean and happy place for all of the children at Orchards. Everyone should feel welcome to come to me to talk about their problems and make suggestions for improving our school.

Class representatives:
  • Maple (2) - Gabija & Jacob
  • Beech (2) - Dulce
  • Almond (2/3) - Dominika
  • Laburnum (3) - Alfie
  • Hawthorn (3) - McKenzie
  • Juniper (4) - Valdone
  • Holly (4) - Alfie
  • Rowan (4) - Roxy
  • Cedar (5) - Alisa
  • Elm (5) - Mantas & Joshua
  • Chestunut (6) - Erikas
  • Oak (6) - Evelina
This term the School’s Council will be discussing the following issues:
  • Happier playtimes
  • Anti-Bullying awareness
  • Fundraising
  • Christian Values
  • Staying safe
  • Attendance

Some of our activities this year:

  • Jeans for Genes Day
  • Children in Need Day
  • Anti-bullying week
  • Road Safety week