We cover the following areas:
  • Finding things out – which includes data handling and research
  • Developing ideas and making things happen – which includes Control and Sensing and Modelling and Simulations
  • Exchanging and sharing information – which includes Presenting Ideas and Communicating with others.
All ICT activities are cross-curricular (link to the theme) which allow the children to apply their learning/skills, including in Maths and English. 
The children have access to a mobile laptop and iPad trolleys throughout the week and each class has an allocated period of time in our ICT Suite. The ICT Suite has an interactive white-board, 16 networked computers, a scanner, printers and digital cameras.
We are very fortunate that all out classrooms have their own interactive whiteboard and several computers, all of which are networked and have access to the internet. The children are taught to use CD ROMs, a wide variety of software including most Microsoft programs, the internet and to email, all of which are accessed through a safe connection with the Cambridgeshire County Council portal/website.
Our use of ICT is embedded in all areas of the curriculum as a way to encourage inclusive learning and to help prepare children for a society that now depends on technology for leisure, business and safety purposes.