Home learning projects

Year 3 have been learning about different waterways, like rivers. McKenzie and his family made a working waterfall! His year group were very excited to see how it worked and McKenzie was very confident to explain how the mechanisms enabled the 'waterfall' to flow.
Year 5 have been learning about forces linked to their Fair Grounds topic. Jamie and his family created this Star Wars themed fair ground - the force is strong with their family!
Year 4 have been learning about Viking and Saxon invaders. Linked to their topic, their core story has been How To Train Your Dragon. Harry and his family crafted this amazing dragon - it looks like the kind  of dragon I would choose to train from the Dragon Nursery (if I could bear the steep climb to the cave!).
Children and familes have been busy donating items for this year's Shoebox Appeal - thank you all so much! George and his family decided to make up their own box which some lucky child will receive for Christmas.