Aims & Overview

In planning the curriculum for Orchards Church of England Primary School we have sought to recognise that each child is an individual entitled to equal regard and opportunity. Our task is to develop the potential of each child, to provide learning opportunities where that child may take increasing responsibility for his/her learning. In this way we hope to develop the whole person. We see education as a tool that will bring learning for life.
The school’s Early Years Foundation Stage policy covers the Nursery curriculum and Reception. National Curriculum is started in Year 1 and continues through the school.

The majority of work in English and Maths is in flexible groups. Most lessons contain a whole class teaching element, some group work or the opportunity to work individually or in small groups or pairs.
Our curriculum is organised based on the children’s interests and focuses on the key skill of learning (from the National Curriculum). This theme-based curriculum allows for more cross-curricular links between subjects as well as the progression of skills from Early Years through to KS2.
Copies of school policies for any of the specific areas of the curriculum are available on the school website or upon request from the school office.

For more information about the school curriculum, please go to the Contact section of the website and enter your question, this will then be forwarded to the appropriate person in school. Alternatively you can contact the school directly using contact details at the bottom of this page.